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InfoShield posters and pamphlets are designed to draw attention to important security issues such as malware, phishing, social engineering, identity fraud, passwords, software updating, and physical security. They are developed to be catchy, simply understood and carry a clear and motivating message. All of our large posters are professionally printed and laminated and can be displayed in common areas around your office.
Awareness Tutorial
Our Security Awareness Tutorial is an important part of any Security Awareness program, it is designed to provide a rapid introduction to important topics about information security is usually the first step in initiating a solid security awareness program in the workplace. Our tutorial consists of ten interactive modules that provide an in-depth, non-technical introduction to good computing practices. They can be used together as a curriculum or individually to address specific topics. Each module is designed to provide tools and information about what to do and what not to do to keep information safe and secure.

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